Birthday Coupons

So my sister is going to school in Alaska… and being far away, it’s kinda hard to give her a birthday gift – and yes, we’ve done the whole writing a birthday song and recording a video greeting – and since I knew she would be coming back in home in the summer, my handsome and I decided to come up with Birthday Coupons.  Here’s what we came up with:

I made this on publisher and I tried to think of all of her favorite things.  Not just material things – but creating moments to bond and spend time with each other 🙂  The last coupon was My Handsome’s idea…  My sister is obsessed with Hawaii (she is a very good hula dancer) and so we added that as a little joke… it expired the day before we gave her the coupons.  It’s so easy to have fun with this project and really try to incorporate the style of whoever you are giving it to.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Coupons

    • mattandkatrhymes says:

      Thanks for commenting! I was afraid she would take it as a mean joke, but thankfully she found it funny 🙂 I guess you could actually make one and put a huge present in there as a surprse… but not in this case!

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