Videos on Animoto

I guess it was an occupational habit, but I love collecting resources, especially online resources that make life way easier!  Here’s one that I used often every time someone asked me to make a “slideshow” or video, I would use Animoto.  It’s so simple to use and best of all, it’s free for a 30 second video, or $3 for a full length.

Just go on the Animoto Website, pick a theme (and they have just come up with a couple new ones), upload your photos, upload your music to go with the video – or they have a selection you can pick from.  Animoto analyzes and combines images, video clips and music and outputs a high quality video which is perfectly produced for every occasion — take a look at some of the many ways Animoto can help you impress by visiting their Video Showcase.  After creating your video, you can save it in several formats and even upload it as an ISO to burn on a DVD or as an mpeg to post online.  Perfect for birthdays, weddings or that faraway friend you want to send something special to 🙂


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