Highlight of My Day – Card Making

The highlight of my day was getting to do some card making with some of the women from church today.  I do some card making on my own, but to be honest, I’m no expert, not like these ladies anyways.  They sure taught me a lot with words like “distressing” a piece of paper and “double stamping”!  I never imagined there could be so many different types of glue!

We were making cards for our Teacher Appreciation Weekend coming up.  For weeks My Handsome has been trying to come up with an idea for a gift for all the teacher’s that will be visiting (the congregation was encouraged to invite a teacher who has inspired and encouraged them in their life).  Our new Women’s Director volunteered coming up with handmade cards – I think they turned out pretty good!  We will be putting in a Tim Horton’s gift card in with the card.  I had invited two of my favorite teachers and was so excited to hear from one this morning that she would love to come.  I really hope she enjoys her visit and of course the card.  I hope to catch up with her too – she told me she would be bringing her two daughters, one in grade 11 and one in grade 9.  Her oldest was just a baby when I was in her class!  Oh how time flies!

Do you have a teacher who has touched your life?  I bet they would be so encouraged to get an email or note from you!  Everyone loves hearing about the difference they make in other people’s lives 🙂 and you never know… they might just need to hear it.


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