Personalized Stationary & Stickers – Paper Gifts

One of my new years resolutions this year is to be better with sending our Compassion Child – Evelyn letters and gifts.  In case you don’t know what Compassion is – it is a non-profit organization committed to eliminating the root causes of poverty for children around the globe.  I support compassion by sponsoring a child financially in the Dominican Republic named Evelyn and also by communicating with Evelyn on a regular basis – letting her know that someone in the world loves, cares and prays for her.

It is neat to be able to send her letters with pictures of My Handsome and I, but I also wanted to send her little gifts.  Compassion’s website is great with the option of sending her coloring sheets, but I am wanting to give her something a little more hand-made.  Since I can only send her paper gifts I thought I would share a paper gift idea that I came up with.  I have a few more up my sleeve so stay tuned for those.

First up – Personalized Stationary and Stickers

I used an image from my favorite vector site called Dry Icons and used publisher to edit the background out.  I did a 4-per-page publication and printed on kraft paper.

For the stickers you can print on full size label paper or use a sticker machine.  Using the sticker machine, I used extra scrap booking paper I had laying around.  Then I got my favorite hole punches out and punched away.


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