Vinegar – Getting Rid of Stinky Odours

For the last two weeks there has been painting going on upstairs… and unfortunately a paint fume smell has been coming down into our basement suite.

Well, the first night it happened we came home  and the whole house reeked so much it was giving me a headache… and we contemplated going to my parents house to sleep over – except that it had been snowing the last couple of hours and it took us some effort just to get into our driveway.  So.. I called up mum and she suggested spreading out bowls of vinegar all over the place to help with the smell.  And it worked!

The next day, we also lit some scented candles and opened the windows so that helped too 🙂  But next time you have some stickiness happening around the house that you can’t really do anything about – give bowls of vinegar a try for some temporary relief 🙂


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