Happy Thursday: Link Love

Wow, the last couple of weeks have been busy busy… and this weekend looks much the same.  The office I used to work at asked me to come and help a couple of hours a week and so that has thrown my schedule off a bit.

I am planning a girls event that is very hush hush at the moment – but I scored some great doilies (shown here in yellow – but I also got purple, blue, green & white) the other day and was experimenting with center-pieces for the upcoming event.  I am so excited to get to use them!  I will try and post pictures after the event.

Here are a couple of links that I have been enjoying:

1) Apartment Therapy – we just reorganized our living so it could seat more people… lots of inspiration on this site.
2) Night Owl Paper Goods – I wish I could buy everything in this shop.
3) Pinterest – I have joined Pinterest!  Check out my picks by clicking on the logo on the right side bar.  It’s just fun to check out different pictures that people have added to their “pin board”.


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