Weekend Update

It has been a crazy couple of days.  My handsome was gone for about two weeks on a trip to Israel – which is a whole other story on it’s own… but every since he’s gotten back it’s been one event after the other.  A lot of our youth leaders in our youth group are getting married… and it being the end of the school year we have activities galore!  Tonight we are hosting our Gr. 12 Grade Night – it’s a formal evening to celebrate our graduating students as they move on to our “Young Adults” ministry and also an opportunity to encourage them to press on in their faith as they experience new things outside of high school.  Pictures to follow, if they turn out 🙂  Then we have our Guys & Girl’s Retreats (two separate events) coming up this weekend.  My handsome is taking the boys on a road trip to Seattle and I’m taking the girls on a weekend trip to Whistler, BC.

This last weekend was a bit of a pause though from all the event planning, take a look.

Saturday started off with this amazing wedding for Tyler & Jen!  I will definitely be posting all the wedding details later this week.

Sunday was a baby dedication… and this little one just just couldn’t help but doze off after running and playing and snow cones!

Yes sir… that is a frozen chocolate covered banana… and up there with is a chocolate covered cheesecake – we like to live it up on Mondays whenever we can… drove down to Washington for shopping and groceries.

We ended the weekend with a great view… home sweet home!


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