Going Away Party

Here are some pics from what pretty much kept me busy all last week.  I wish I had better pictures… but it was a going away party for a friend of ours we lovingly called Jonny Dub.  He was one of our youth leaders and he got a children’s pastor position back in his home town.

We decided on a pot luck taco bar as to appease to vegetarians, celiacs (gluten-free) and your typical meat eaters.  I made my second ever mini bunting banner using coke bottles to hold it up – the celebrant likes to collect different coke bottles from the different countries he has visited.  Our community of youth leaders love playing games – so there was NHL 11 on the X-Box, Wii – Just Dance 2 (love this game…. I could write a whole other blog post on it!), Dutch Blitz and Phase 10.

Group games included “Pin the Nose” on our celebrant and a Trivia Game.

These amazing farewell cupcakes from one of our other youth leader’s, Ingrid.  She is a professionally trained baker… she needs to just start a bakery.  Don’t these look amazing?


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