A Just for Her Pregnancy Wish List

So often when people hear that someone is pregnant and they want to bless them with a congratulatory gift, people will automatically think of getting something for the baby.  Quite often though, the soon-to-be parents, especially if it’s their first time are not thinking of baby toys or diapers… much less where to store or keep those gifts for the next nine months.  Might I suggest a few gift ideas for that pregnant friend in your life that they will love and thank you for?

1.  Number one on my list… definitely A Home Cooked, Nutritious Meal!  Especially if your pregnant friends’ spouse is not much of a cook – they will appreciate this very much and it will also help with their budget.   Before you make something – make sure to ask first what your pregnant friend is craving and what they would prefer as everyone’s pregnancy cravings are different and can change even within a couple days.  Need ideas with recipes?  Check out these websites:

Babyfit.com Healthy Pregnancy Recipes
Fit Pregnancy – Recipe Finder

2.  Groceries with the basics and with lots of fruits and healthy snacks.

3.  Manicure/Pedicure Gift Certificates.  Pregnancy can often leave a person feeling unattractive and just plain icky.  Especially if she is at the point where she can’t even see her toes much less reach them.  A mani/pedi, especially if you choose to join her will be such a treat and an excuse for her to get out of the house.

4.  Maternity Pillows.  Some women make do with using several pillows to help them with sleep during pregnancy, but it is a hassle to have to move all the pillows every time you change position or need to make the inevitable washroom runs in the middle of the night.  It is much more convenient to just have one pillow to have to adjust and can cover all the target areas that need some extra cushion.  The best deals I’ve found have been at Baby’s-R-Us.  Click on the pictures below to visit their website.


















5.  Acupuncture Bracelet.  I haven’t used this yet… but I would love to have tried it if I had gotten one as a gift.  I first saw it on the Rachel Ray Show on their “Human Labs” segment to help pregnant women with nausea.  Find an acupuncture bracelet near you or check out “Psi” Bands by clicking on the picture below.

6.  Fetal Doppler Machine.  This might seem a little excessive, but it is always a treat to get to hear your baby’s heartbeat… especially when guests are over or when your pregnant friend is having an exceptionally hard day – this will definitely bring a little smile to her face.  If you don’t want to purchase one, you can also rent them monthly for quite a reasonable price.

7.  Gift Certificate for a Home Cleaning Service.  Some women going through a hard pregnancy end up in isolation, not just because of not feeling well, but also because they haven’t been able to do normal daily functions, such as cleaning.  But living in a state of mess can also increase stress, not only for your pregnant friend, but also for their spouse and anyone else living in the house.

8.  A Maternity Bathrobe.  One thing I lived in during the tough months was my bathrobe.  Here’s a great maternity bathrobe I found from a maternity store called “Motherhood Maternity”.  I’m sure you can find one at any maternity store.  The Main difference in a maternity robe and a normal bathrobe is the waste tie does up much higher – which helps with her ever growing belly.  Click on the image below to be forwarded to the site – this robe actually comes with a nursing nightgown for only $34.99!

9.  Maternity Books and Cook Books.  It’s always a treat to have information on what’s going on and what you need at the tip of your fingertips.  I know a lot of people now-a-days just look stuff up online – but there are a lot of things that we don’t think of and wouldn’t even know to think of if we didn’t read it somewhere.  Here are two books I would recommend.  When choosing a book, try to read up on the reviews it’s gotten on Amazon – after all, you only want best for your pregnant friend.

10. Here’s one just for the spouses… you have no idea what a toll it takes on the body being a full-time baby making machine.  My favorite thing to get from my husband right now are Back Rubs!  Be careful to ask her just how she would like it – a lot of areas are a lot more sensitive these days, so don’t try to be too creative as it could hurt her.


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