Weekend Update: Fort Langley

We have had a crazy weekend over here.  We also get Mondays as part of our weekend which is pretty sweet – especially since it seems we got so pooped out from the weekend that My Handsome has caught the flu and is totally out of commission today!

Here are pics from our visit to Fort Langley as mentioned in my last post.

A visit to the tea shop… My Handsome loves Lavender Tea.  But oh, did you see that one labeled “Buttered Rum”?? Sounds so good.  On another note… please tell me, who would drink hot tea to at the beach?

Lunch at Wendel’s Bookstore… a staple if you ever visit Fort Langley.  I had some Fettuccine with Prawn and Scallops (… the baby didn’t like the scallops so much though 😦 ) and My Handsome had the Chicken & Corn Enchiladas.

A visit to the Antique Mall.

Would love to start a collection of brooches just like these!

Of course My Handsome goes straight for the comic books.  Another collection I would like to start… pop bottles!

Last but not least… I had THREE of these this weekend.  Okay, not exactly those because that has deli meat – and that is a no-no for pregnant women.  This was My Handsome’s sandwich… mine was just with cheese… but yes, I did have three!


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