Decorations For My Handsome’s Birthday Party

Thanks to my pinterest boards  for helping sort out all my decorating inspirations for My Handsome’s big 30th Birthday Bash, I was able to come up with some fun decorations.  Things that My Handsome loves – comic books, music and food.  So I tried to incorporate all these three things during the night.  We had borrowed a drum set and  asked all of our musician friends to bring their instruments, amps and equipment.  I asked certain people who knew how to cook some of his favorites to bring some over for us by special request.  And I tried to incorporate his love for comic books into the decorations.  Here’s what I came up with.

Comic book banners all made by hand.  Thanks to some awesome people who helped me out!

Comic book coloured streamers with a hand-made touch.

What’s a party without balloons?  In my opinion, these are the best kind – no helium required 🙂  The upper right one is a picture I took coming up from the stairway entrance.

Last but not least, I wanted there to be something interactive for guests to do without requiring any big group participation that they could do at any time during the night.  So I created a quick little trivia game using random pictures and questions.  I tried not to have obvious answers on there – but questions where they would have to look at the board of pictures for answers.  I posted the answers on the fridge with a bowl full of chocolates as a prize for their efforts.

I wish I had more pictures of some of the other decorations that I made – but they are pretty much along the same lines as the above.  I would have loved to go more extravagant – maybe when I’m not pregnant anymore… wait till the baby’s first birthday? Hmmm…

Next post I will be posting my inspirations for the decorations that I used.. . and maybe some that I didn’t end up using with links to instructions so stay tuned 🙂


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