Party Inspirations

So, as promised here are pictures and some instructions on most of what inspired me for Matt’s 30th Birthday Party Bash – with comics as my main theme.  First off, the balloon banner:

via Annilygreen

I loved this idea because these balloons didn’t require any helium.  All you have to do is blow up the balloons and tie them together with one long strong – or in my case I used jute twine from the dollar store.  If you would like a more balloon cluster effect which I ended up doing for some balloons above the food table, just lessen the space between the balloons – turned out very pretty actually!

via One Charming Party

Click here to get the DIY instructions.  But I did do it a bit different.  Anytime instructions say to sew anything – I usually just use double sided sticky tape and it works for me!  I found a place that sold 50 cent comic books – and I tried to pick the ones with lots of copies (for arts-sake) and I made a triangle stencil on the computer with cardstock paper.  I took out the middle staples from the comic books and used the stencil to make a triangle each page.  Once I had them cut out I double sided the more interesting and colourful side of my comic onto a ribbon.  Viola!

I hate wasting paper… so what I did with the extra comic book paper was used them to make my own comic book garland.  I used a circle whole punch to make the circles with the comic book paper as well as colourful cardstock and double-sided sticky taped them together with a ribbon in between.  To see what I am talking about check my last post.

via O Chickadee

If I had had more time, I definitely would have loved to do this whole ceiling decorations.  But to cut on time I just hung the streamers from the dining room chandelier.  It said on their website that it took them 4 hours with 2 people doing it… so I definitely couldn’t have pulled it off.  But wow, I’m sure it was worth it in the end.

Well, till the next party… but in the meantime, I will be collecting more inspirations on my Pinterest boards.  Do you have any parties you’re planning for this summer?

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