Pregnancy Eating

From our mini picnic last Sunday – on the menu? Pre-cut from the grocery store… pineapples and the juiciest watermelons!

I am now 7 months and a new pregnancy symptom has just popped up.  I am starting to feel a lot more hungry than usual.  Even after having a meal, I still find myself craving for more.  This had me a little worried – especially with a diabetes test coming up – I really don’t want to get Gestational Diabetes as I am not the healthiest eater around.  So I thought I would share a couple of links with you that has helped me get more informed and given me better eating ideas during my pregnancy.

1.  A list of Healthy Pregnancy Snacks from What to Expect When You’re Expecting.
2.  A post on “Is Chocolate Dangerous When Your Pregnant?” also from the WTE site.
3.  Rules to Eat By from Fit Pregnancy
4.  I loved this article: Pregnant & Hungry also from Fit Pregnancy


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