Two Weeks Old Today

I can’t believe our little girl is already two weeks old.  Even while I was pregnant, I couldn’t imagine myself as a mom… and now I am so in love with this little girl.  One thing I have a habit of doing is making lists… so I thought for this first Penny post, I would write a list of 14 of my favorite things about Penny so far in her 14 days of life.

1.  I love the way Penny half opens her eyes to look at me.

2.  I love the way Penny will randomly smile for no reason at all – it may just last a second, but it’s priceless.  I can see little dimples on her already.

3.  She isn’t doing this as much anymore – and it will be sorely missed – but how she raises her eyebrows while her eyes are still closed  when she is hungry or when she is getting burped.

4.  I love her wrinkly fingers and toes.  I tease that she gets those from her dad.

5.  I love all the grunting and groaning  she does while she is sleeping.

6.  I love how she puts her fingers in between each other like she is praying.

7.  I love how she will all of a sudden reach her arms out while she is sleeping.  One of the nurse’s said that when they are dreaming they dream of falling… and so we assume she is having that type of dream when she does that with her arms.

8.  I love how her hair is already growing so long… I love playing with her hair with my finger.

9.  I absolutely adore how she holds onto my fingers – especially when she grabs two of my fingers with both hands.

10.  I love it when she has her eyes open and she stares up at me.

11.  My absolute favorite picture of her right now is her making the “Zoolander Blue Steel” face where she pouts her mouth out like she is gonna give you a kiss.

12. I love how she smells… it makes me just want to kiss her all over, which I do end up doing.

13.  I love how she cuddles up against me and falls asleep so easily.

14.  I love how sometimes when she cries, it sounds like she is singing.

Do you have any kids?  Do you remember having them the first couple of days?  Everyone tells me that time is going to go so fast and to enjoy every minute – and I believe it.  What are your favorite newborn moments with your children?

2 thoughts on “Two Weeks Old Today

  1. kellie says:

    She is just gorgeous!!!!! She will change so much each day. Two of my sons were born with black hair (they are little halfies) and one went dark mahogany red/brown, and the other went light rusty brown.

    God’s true gift is life from the womb coming from his creative power. He has intrusted us to raise the beautiful beings, and I find every day and night I pray they see him in me.


    • Kat says:

      Thanks Kellie! I look forward to seeing all the changes that Penny will have in the next couple of months… I just hope it doesn’t go too fast! And yes, that is our prayer as well – that we may be a reflection of God’s love towards her 🙂

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