Life at the Moment

I have been rather absent here for the last couple of weeks.  Well, I guess I have been this way ever since I got pregnant – or gave birth – or postpartum … etc, take your pick.   It seems like in every step of this whole process complications keep popping up.  A couple of days before Christmas, my right breast started to really hurt – and I just thought it was to do with breastfeeding and clogged ducts.  Well, after I couldn’t stand it anymore and finally went to two different doctors I found out I had a full blown case of Mastitis.

To make a long story short.  Last week, I spent every day going back and forth to hospital and doctors appointments, spending hours in the waiting room for radiology then to the ER – getting the abscess that had developed drained (three times).  It has been a very hard and tiring week, to say the least.  But I have been so blessed by the awesome nurses and doctors at the hospital.  Not at all what I was expecting or what I am used to.  They made me feel comforted and taken care of.  Every time they asked about PJ, I told them that she was a very happy and healthy baby – and I was reminded  even more of how blessed I was.  As long as she is doing well, I’ll take whatever is thrown at me.

So right now I am playing the waiting game.  One of my doctors said that they can’t just keep draining it.  I have to wait and see if it gets bad again – and if it does, we will have to do surgery.  Which I am totally okay with – because it would be a solution.  Throughout this time I have had a group of people covering me with their prayers.  I am so thankful and appreciative of them.  I know that the strength that I have had thus far was definitely not my own, but was from God and the hope that I have isn’t in chance or in luck – but in Him as well.  Although this week is a time of waiting, it is also a time of rest for both PJ and I… and I am looking forward to it 🙂  Thanks for taking the time to have a read about my little update!


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