Happy Friday: Link Love

Didn’t you hear? Cupcakes are the new black!

I finally got PJ’s clothes sorted out and realized she has so many clothes that she is going to outgrow pretty soon.  This onesie is from her Auntie Mandy in Utah.  It came with a matching skirt which is already too small!  Hopefully we will get the office/nursery fully done this weekend.

Are you looking forward to anything in particular this weekend?

Here are a few links I’ve been waiting to share for a while.  Have a great weekend!

– I’m not a huge fan of vegetables, but am trying my best to be a good example to PJ. I think making these Salad Dressings would be a good start. They do look yummy.
– I tweeted today that I am itching to go on a Forever21 run – I blame this babble post.
This made me laugh out loud…
– A great post on finances! Why we are bad with money and how to be better with it from Relevant Magazine (love their stuff!).



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