Weekend Update

It was a pretty good weekend here at the Johnson’s.  Mostly because I finally got my own iPhone… woohoo!  I think my husband was just tired of how I monopolized his phone whenever we were together – taking pictures here and there.  Was your weekend eventful?  Here’s a recap of ours:

Of course my very first picture had to be of Ms. PJ.  She is wearing a hat that one of MH’s friends made – p.s. he is a mid 30’s daddy of two! So neat that he would know how to make such a cute toque!

We had a Pie Auction at church to help raise funds for our upcoming Youth Conference.  This was our Pie Auction winnings… and it was good!

Monday morning brunch.  We always get a three day weekend… but really, with all that is going on – Monday is our real day off (if we are lucky).   I feel so blessed to actually be up and about (recovering from stitches and mastitis) to make brunch!

We also had lots of visitors this weekend, PJ’s Lola and Lolo came by to play with her as well as our friends Joy and Aji.  Joy brought her yummy Apple Cinnamon Crisp dessert and we swapped iPhone apps all night! I’ll have to do a post on my favorite apps soon 🙂

Happy Tuesday!






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