DIY: Origami Hearts Banner

Materials: origami paper or square cuts of paper, scissors, tape (I used double sided tape), jute twine.

1.  Fold your paper in half.
2. Unfold and repeat to make a four square fold.
3. Fold the bottom half of your paper so that it touches the middle of your paper.

4. Turn the paper over and fold the bottom right corner into the middle of the paper.
5. Do the same on the bottom left corner.
6. Turn the paper over again and fold the pointed side towards the top of the paper.

7. Turn the page over again and place your finger between the layers on the right side and flatten.
8. Repeat on the opposite side.
9. Fold the corners of the top white portions of the paper to create a heart shape.

10. Fold the top pointy corners of the heart down as shown in the picture.
11. Turn your page over and it should look like this.
12.  Fold the sides to the back (do this on both sides).

13. Turn the paper over again and this is what it should look like.
14. Tuck the white part of the paper  by folding it inside and under the first layer.
15.  This is what your paper heart should look like.

16.  Cut a piece of double sided sticky tape and paste it onto the inside layer of the paper heart.
17.  Place the jute twine onto the tape and close.

Repeat until you have the length of banner you would like.  Have fun!



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