Our New Youth Shirt Design

We do a different shirt design every year for our youth group just as we leave for Youth Conference.

Loving the new design for our Catalyst Youth Group shirts, designed by My Handsome 🙂

The back of the shirt show four symbols to explain some Great News – Creation, Fall, Redemption and Everlasting Hope.

Creation – an all-powerful God, spoke the world into existence and created man and women to be in a perfect loving relationship with Him.

Fall – Our first parents exchanged this loving relationship for a lie, that we could be like God, and sin entered the picture and separated us from this perfect relationship and everything that we were created for.

Redemption – This loving God who saved His people from slavery, extended that grace to save the world, by sending His only son, the perfect sacrifice in exchange for our sins, in hopes to restore the relationship that was lost for anyone who receives it.

Coming Kingdom – because of what Jesus did on the cross and defeated death by rising 3 days later, our sins are forgiven for everyone who chooses to accept Him as their savior, and live by His love as we await the return of Christ, our hope and future.


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