Happy Friday: Link Love

It’s been a productive week over here at the Johnson household!  I got to spend some quality time with family last weekend.  Had a movie hangout with some of our youth from church – previewing the movie “You Again” for an upcoming Pajama Girl’s Movie Night.  Had my first “Backwards Dinner” for our Catalyst Grade 12’s (I will post pictures and details soon) – it was awesome and so much fun!  And I actually cooked a healthy dinner (for once!) last night that super easy – I want to make it again for dinner tomorrow.  I guess life is getting a bit more tame with Penny and I am able to do things that I normally would have done before we had her.  Don’t you just love this picture of her?  It’s priceless! That is one of our youth leaders dressed up for a slurpee eating contest… I know… crazy things for youth ministry 🙂  How was your week?

Also, here are some links that I thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of days:

– I had bought an Ikea “Lack” table for 5 bucks in the summer, but haven’t assembled it yet. Was so stoked to find 5 cool Hacks to maybe try out soon!
– AND speaking of Ikea… here is a preview of 25 of their New Products!
– I actually made these “Crash Hot Potatoes” the other night, MH and the in-laws loved them! I think they will soon become a staple around here.
– I love Instagram and have been using it for a while, but this Cheat Sheet definitely helped me learn how to use it better.
– Check out this pretty hair style that looks easy enough to do from the Beauty Department Blog.


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