Backwards Dinner

Last week I went to my first backwards dinner! We had a small group night for our youth group and so one of our youth leaders organized a Backwards Dinner for our Grade 12’s.  They charged $4 for the food and the students were encouraged to bring a date if they wanted to and to dress semi-formal.

When the guests walked in, there was a person at a table collecting the fee and had a basket with pieces of paper that were numbered 1, 2 or 3 for you to pick randomly.  The number you got corresponds with the utensil that you will be using for the evening (knife, fork or spoon) (I have heard other dinners including other kitchen utensils such as whisks, potato mashers, etc, I know of someone who even got a rolling pin!).

She had set everything up so special and fancy.  The tables were set with a simple centrepiece – a potted plant on top of a mirror square with a couple of tea lights. A pitcher of water and sparkling cranberry juice, upside down glasses, a napkin, a menu and a little place card.  Under the place cards were discussion questions – most of them related to Grade 12 and future plans.  The chairs were also backwards – facing out.

As you might have guessed, we started off with dessert.  We had an option of strawberry cheesecake, chocolate tuxedo cake or apple pie ala mode.  I had the pleasure of eating with a butter knife for all my meals.  It was more fun than I thought it would be 🙂 despite being a little messy!

For our second course – the entree, we had spaghetti with the choice of a red meat sauce or white alfredo sauce.  Followed by Caesar Salad and Garlic Bread as the starter.

The evening progressed with a Multiple Choice Trivia Game about the year the grade 12’s were born (boy, did this make me feel old!) and Youth Leader Testimonies.  Leaders shared about what they went through after they graduated high school – which was really neat to hear.  A lot of times, we plan things for our future, and it doesn’t always work out the way we had thought.  But God always steers and guides us to work everything out for His good which truly is our good (even through the hard times).  I think it was great for the high school students who were about to graduate to hear what some others have gone through and hopefully they were able to take away some wisdom from the night.

I wish I had taken more pictures to better capture the evening. This would be fun to do again even for a birthday or any special occasion!

Have you ever attended or thrown a Backwards Dinner?  Did you do anything else different?

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