DIY: Personalized Calendar

I made this for my little sister who works on a cruise ship. She is away from us for 6 months at a time and gets limited access to internet. So I thought for her birthday, I would make her a calendar filled with pictures of her little niece since she won’t get to see her very much.

Materials: computer and printer, card stock paper, photo paper (optional), paper cutter/scissors, glue or double-sided tape, thick 8mm jump rings, pliers, hole punch, embellishments such as stamps, die cuts… etc, to decorate with.

1) I used Microsoft Publisher to print the actual calendar months. You can also use Microsoft Word by using their “templates” section (if you don’t have any calendar templates on your Word program, you can download some on their website here). Feel free to change the fonts to personalize your calendar. Use four different months per page then print and cut accordingly (4.25 x 5.5).

2) Print off 12 of the pictures that you would like to use for your calendar. Please note that I used all instagram pictures for this project so all my images were 4×4 in size. You can print them through where you normally get your pictures printed, or use Postal Pix if you are in the U.S. for instagram pictures or just print them yourself on your printer like I did on cardstock or photo paper.

3) You will need one more rectangle of card stock for your cover. Once you have all the pieces together, use your hole punch to make the 3 holes on the top of your calendar pages – one in the middle, and another on each corner. When you do it on one page, you can use this as a template for the other pages.

4) Use your pliers to open the jump rings. Use these rings to connect all the card stock together like a binder in the proper order. Close with pliers.

5) Take your pictures and glue or use double-sided tape to attach to card stock pages.

6) Embellish your calendars with stamps, stickers, die cuts, decorative tape, etc. I tried to add special decor to the different months with special holidays.

Have fun! Hand made gifts are the best 🙂

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