Weekend Update

We had an awesome weekend! First off the weather was awesome the last 3 days… I had a slurpee for all 3 days 🙂

I am a coke slurpee lover, grape and cream soda were for the MIL and FIL 🙂

Then we went to an 80’s themed Birthday Party. It was so much fun dressing up. MH found me this ridiculous sweater with super poofy shoulder pads. Here I am with my side pony, funky earrings and sweater.

Guess who was DJ for the night?

The birthday boy’s wife is an awesome cook and made this yummy strawberry cheesecake.

From 80’s to 60’s, we had a Mad Men Premier Party the next night.

Great friends and fondu is a winning combination!  I made the Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce logo for decorations and had “Lucky Strike” candy sticks for favors.

Did you watch the Mad Men Premiere? What did you think?  I have been singing “Zou Bisou” all day today!


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