God Reminders: Boundary Lines

This little girl was stuck in the house today
She wanted to discover every nook and cranny
But it seemed like she always ended up where she wasn’t supposed to be

Trying to reach for a candle to eat it
Playing with all the garbage cans
Wanting to reach for scissors and pens

It got to the point where, she would turn her back to me
When she wanted to do something she knew she shouldn’t be doing
As if I wouldn’t see what she was doing if her back was turned

But when I would catch her red-handed
And standing behind her, would call her name
She would slightly jump and “speed-crawl” it out of there
She wouldn’t even look at me until she got to the safe space
Where she knew she was supposed to be

Sometimes she would cry and scowl
Or even hit me when I tried to hug her after catching her
She would always eventually hug me back
And even though she was doing something wrong
I’m glad she stopped what she was doing and turned completely the other way
Although I know it might not always be that way

This reminded me of my relationship with God
How He has put up “boundary lines” for me in my life
Not because he wants to fence me in and control me
But He knows where it is safe and best for me to be

Psalm 16:6-7 “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance. I will praise the Lord, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me.”

Sometimes, I know I’m not supposed to be doing something
And God me calls me out on it
And most of the time, I am pretty ashamed of it too…
Which causes some distance between us sometimes
But I am glad that He will always wait on me to get over myself
So I can return Him

So thankful to be able to see how much God loves and cares for me
Through how much I love and care for my my Penny Pie

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