Be Mine

It’s been a couple of weeks already into the new year, but I have felt like I have just finally gotten into the routine of things.  No more parties or events to plan for a while… and best of all a new season of our “Women’s Discovery Group” (Women’s Bible Study) has started up again at church.  I cannot tell you how much studying the Word of God with other women have blessed me – hearing different insights and purposefully looking at scripture and how to apply what I am learning into my life has been so great!  Not to mention knowing that other women (prayer warriors) are praying for me daily, has been such a blessing.  If you are a christian, you know how community is so important to your spiritual growth.

We are doing a study on the book of James by Beth Moore and one of the things that stuck out to me was how in John 7:1-9  Jesus’ brothers were telling him what to do if he wanted to be a “public figure” … to show himself and not do things/miracles in secret.  How often do we ask Jesus to prove himself to everyone – to heal all those who have prayed for healing or to even just announce to everyone with a big megaphone in the sky to tell everyone he is real?  But the truth is – Jesus didn’t come to be a public figure.  He came to be a personal saviour.  Such a great reminder.  God is all powerful and he can do anything he wants… nothing, no miracle, is beyond his power to do.  But what he wants most is us, to know him, to love him, for us to be his.

Hoping that this truth is a blessing for you today!


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