Everyday: Entertaining a Toddler

Time has been flying way too fast when it comes to Penny Pie… but one of the good things about her growing up is that it’s getting a little easier to entertain her.  Here are a few new games we have started playing.  What’s great about it is that I didn’t need to buy any new toys, we just used whatever we had around the house.

We like just putting random things in a muffin tin.  She enjoys taking them out and putting them into different spots.  When she picks a particular thing, I explain and show her what it’s for.  Her favorite item was probably the magnet – I would drop it and she got a kick of how it stuck to the metal 🙂

My parents, knowing my love for packaging and tins gave me a box of tin cans they had received Christmas goodies in.  They were all different shapes and sizes, so Penny Pie and I played a game with her matching all the lids to the appropriate tins.  I would help her a couple of times, but if I was patient enough, she could do it on her own.

Do any of you have any games you like playing with your little one?


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