Flower Doily Thank You Cards

I am so blessed to have people at our church so willing to help out with youth ministry.  We had a tea party last Monday evening and I had some awesome women donate some goodies for the night, lend us their fancy china cups, saucers and cake stands, another person challenged our girls with her testimony and what God had been teaching her lately – and not only that, she stayed after the event to help clean up!  So, suffice it to say, I wanted to convey my thanks and appreciation for these women!

I made these paper flowers for the tea party with my paper cutting machine and had them on the tables for the evening.  I definitely wasn’t going to throw these beauties away afterwards… so on thank you cards they went 🙂  Just added some pretty doilies (very “tea party” appropriate)… out came the stamps and viola!

I think handmade cards just add so much especially when you are thanking someone, it showed that you made some effort into wanting to make them feel appreciated.  I included pictures of the night for those who didn’t get to come and see it for themselves too 🙂

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