Friday Link Love

I guess you can say that I have been stuck in a rut for a couple of months…. and there is a good reason to that.  But I will have to announce why and a few other exciting things at another time.  I am trying to embrace the changes and transitions that come with life – and to be honest I am not sure how I would be able to do it without my faith.  I am just so thankful that God continues to bless me with a loving husband and so many opportunities to do things for His cause.

Here are a few blog postings that I found interesting and enjoyed throughout the interweb this week:

– Having been a missionary for several years, I thought that this article on giving money to child beggars was a great one to keep in mind – especially for tourists visiting third world countries.  I think it could also be applicable in similar situations in Canada or North America.

– A letter written by Sinead O’Conner to Miley Cyrus.  Aside from some of her harsh language, I found what she said to be quite interesting coming from someone who knows the music industry.

– For all the Discouraged Moms out there, here’s a good read for you.

Have a great weekend!


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