About Me

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! I have loved making and creating since my elementary school years and eventually, after high school, started Virukka Gifts in 2004 when I wanted to use my skills with making jewelry to help with fundraising for an orphanage called Babyanne’s Mansion in the Philippines.  I continued off and on while I did missions at the orphanage and now, back in Canada as a stay at home mom.  It has been a great outlet for me to get to be creative and meet some amazing people while getting to be flexible as I spend time with my husband, two kids and being active in my church ministry.

I especially enjoy making jewelry made of gemstones, crystal quartz, freshwater pearls and swarovski crystals. Quite often, I will also make necklaces that include gold-fill or sterling silver pendants that I personally engrave with words that help encourage, remind and keep our eyes on Jesus. This is not a good luck charm, but simply a reminder and a way to wear God’s truth close to our hearts.

I also make fun and functional pieces such as whistle, harmonica, locket and watch necklaces! I love making new things, so you might find some of my other creations in the shop every now and then.

If you would like to learn more about me or my process, I try to share this on my instagram account through instastories! Follow me at: instagram.com/virukkagifts or simply search “@virukkagifts“. You can also follow on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/virukka/.  By following on social media, you can learn about upcoming local markets, promotions, new pieces and charities we are supporting and how you can get involved!

Come meet us at a local market in the Greater Vancouver area, make sure to check out our Upcoming Markets page!

Thanks again for visiting!



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