I have revamped the website! Woohoo!  It’s been over a year since I have written a blog post, so I decided to start fresh. I have learned a lot in the past year and am still learning so much about life with two kids, running a household, managing to be creative and continuing in ministry through different seasons.  I have often struggled with making sure that I am doing all these things with a purpose, not just for fun or because I have to, but because of my love for Jesus. I know that my faith will not be a popular subject or might even turn people off… but if you want to know the person behind the pieces that you have purchased or are considering purchasing, you have to know that Jesus is the reason why I do anything.  I am not perfect, in fact, I am stubborn and have to be taught the same lessons over and over, but thankfully, God is continually refining me and teaching me how to live this life centred in Him.

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I have met so many amazing, friendly and supportive people through craft markets, which is where I have been putting my focus in terms of Virukka Gifts!  And this is the reason why I have decided to revive this little blog of mine.  Hopefully this will be a place where you can get to know me a bit more, where I can share what I am learning, where you can get updates about new pieces, promotions and markets! Please have patience with me, I take long breaks to make sure I focus on my kids, husband and ministry, and not my phone, iPad, or computer! The struggle is real!  But thanks for visiting and for those I have met in person, thanks for the love and support 🙂 I am so grateful!


For A Cause: Babyanne’s Mansion Inc. – A Home For Children


One of the things I had been praying about for this year was to cultivate a more generous heart. And I remembered when I first started making jewelry I had used it to fundraise for local charities and give a certain amount of the profits to them.

Well, I would like to get back to my roots – and so from time to time I will be posting different products and where all profit from that sale will be going.

This month, I would like to start with a non-profit that is near and dear to my heart – Babyanne’s Mansion Inc. Babyanne’s Mansion is an orphanage in the Philippines that’s main goal is to restore hope in the life of the children that step through their doors. All profit from these crystal quartz silver capped necklaces will go straight to them!

You can find out more about Babyanne’s Mansion by visiting their website link here.

July Giveaway and Summer Update

Summer is half over and it’s going by so fast!  We are trying to enjoy the sunshine when we can – and I try to squeeze in as much jewelry making as possible during nap times or down times when Matt is home.  Desperately trying to prepare for two sure to be awesome craft markets next month – Sunset Beach Social and Viva Vancouver (click on the “Upcoming Events” tab up top for more details).  If you are in the Vancouver area – you have to check these markets out – there’s so much to see and do – a fun time for the whole family.

I have been getting so many new supplies in and I can’t wait to experiment and make some new pieces.  I’ll be sure to show some off on our instagram feed!  Speaking of our instagram feed (@virukkagifts) – we are having a Giveaway this week!  You can win this resin flower earrings and adjustable ring set by simply tagging a friend in the comments under the image and both of you will win your own set.  Check it out!

Virukka Jewelry on Instagram

You can now find us on Instagram!  Look us up under @virukkajewelry and stay up to date with special giveaways and promotions.  We have already had our first giveaway for the year – as you can see in the picture above.  Congratulations to @rachelseee on winning one of our popular harmonica necklaces!

I will also be posting the pieces that I have been working on before they get listed online, packaging and other fun stuff!  If you are an “instagramer” come and check us out.